Immune Resistance Force

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Daily Supplement - Immune Booster

Marine Chlorella from the North Atlantic Ocean for a better and healthier life

An ADVANCED FORMULA designed to promote increased energy and to help your body prevent and fight infections.


The Immune Resistance Force capsules are formulated to strengthen your immune system and help keep illnesses away by providing optimal immune protection.

SAFE AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS to help fight free radicals and strengthen your body’s immune functions including intestinal and digestive functions.

A powerful and diverse group of anti-aging wellness antioxidants to help you fight off the environmental toxins your body faces every day.

This immune system booster is your body’s natural aid in preventing colds, flus and respiratory infections.


  • Capsules containing PURE MARINE Chlorella in synergy with VITAMIN B12 and SELENIUM to reinforce the immunity of your organism.
  • 60 capsules per flask.
  • NO preservatives and NO artificial colours.
  • Gluten-Free
  • Lactose-Free
  • Vegan

COMPOSITION: Dried marine Chlorella (Chlorella Vulgaris), Dry extract of Echinacea, Silymarin, Selenium, Vitamin B12

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Take 2 capsule a day

WARNINGS: Supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet or healthy lifestyle. Do not use if pregnant or nursing without previous medical counseling. Keep out of reach of children. Suitable for vegans. Store in a cool, dry place.


Per intake

*% NRV

Dried Chlorella vulgaris

100 mg


Dry extract of Echinacea

175 mg


Dry extract of Milk Thistle

75 mg


Sodium selenite

(of Selenium)

61,2 mcg

(28 mcg)

50,91 %

Vitamin B12

6 mcg

240 %

*Nutrient Reference Values

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